Meadoweld Machine Inc.

Hydraulic Hand Saw

The Cub Saw

Meadoweld is proud to introduce the Cub Saw. The Cub Saw is a hand held, reversing hydraulic saw that uses 16” abrasive wheels. It is designed specifically to reduce operator fatigue delivering the lightest weight and highest torque in the market!



Rail Saw and Clamp Picture Rev A.png

Features of the Meadoweld Cub Saw:

  • Wide Operator Handle with Optimal Length and a Curved Handle

    • Less bending over during cutting

    • Minimizes wrist movement to alleviate fatigue and potential injury

    • Effortless oscillation of saw during cutting

  • Extended Trigger!

    • Less force to engage saw motor, significantly reducing hand fatigue

  • Clamp Arms provided with Grease Zerks

    • Increased life and stability of tapered roller bearings

Cub Saw Specifications:

  • Saw Weight: 34 Lbs. (15.5 Kg)

  • Clamp Weight: 20 Lbs. (9 Kg)

  • Dimensions: 40” L x 9” W x 17” H

  • Operating Parameters:

    • 3400 RPM at 10 GPM (38 lpm) and 2000 Psi (140 Bar)